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Tore Content appointed as Plant Manager

Tore ContentTore Content was appointed Plant Manager at Biofer on the first of June 2009. Tore studied at the KUL (Leuven University) where he obtained a degree in bio-engineering. Afther his studies, Tore left for Latin America, where he spent a year in the Peruvian tropics as a project worker for the University of Cordoba (Spain) providing technical support to various farmer organizations. He then consciously opted for Master Tours NV (also operating as ‘AndersDanAnders’), the most appreciated luxury tour operator in Flanders, where he was soon appointed Tour Manager South and North America. After four years in Latin America, he decided that the time had come for a drastic change in his career. From 1 April 2008, he will be providing his services to the QMG team as Quality & Process Manager Cleantech.