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Biofer, production of green energy

Biofer is a biogas installation that ferments organic biological waste into biogas. This will subsequently be converted into electricity by means of CHP engines (combined heat and power).

The residue, which remains after the fermentation, is then converted into a dry residue that will be sold as soil conditioner.

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Collection of organic waste

The material is stored in tanks or directly transported into a fermentation tank where it will be submitted to some kind of pre-digestion process. The digestion residue, called ‘digestaat’, will be dehydrated en dried afterwards at Biofer.

Conversion of biogas into green energy

The waste is digested forming biogas. This biogas is converted into electricity and warmth by cogeneration engines. The produced electricity will be imported to the high-voltage electricity grid en injected as green power, whereas the produced warmth will be used utile during the drying process.

01/06/2009 - Tore Content appointed as Plant Manager

Tore Content was appointed as Plant Manager of Biofer on the first of June 2009.. Read more >